Bureau of Filing and Correspondence was established to fulfil the following duties laid down for the Directorate Generalby article 13/Bof the Law no 2992 as amended by article 4 of the Law no 4674;

  • Registers the incoming documents in Document Management System (DYS) and Excel Sheet
  • Assorts and indexes the documents using the Standard File Plan
  • Drafts Activity Reports, and submits them in paper and electronic format
  • Prepares the Meeting Schedule for the Directorate General
  • Forwards the e-mails sent to the Directorate General to relevant offices
  • Keeps track of ECtHR rulings and rulings referring to the ECHR, and prepares a table of statistics
  • Follows up BİMER applications made via e-mail, and forwards them to the relevant offices
  • Registers incoming documents using fax-server based on the e-mail system
  • Forwards WTO documents to FİSAUM
  • Prepares a table of training courses requested from the Department of Training
  • Prepares the attendance lists for training courses organized by the Directorate General
  • Archives relevant documentation of the Directorate General
  • Organizes all correspondence related to the project reports, seminars etc.
  • Prepares minutes and reports of meetings.


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