Department for European Community Coordination was established and became operational in June 1989 as one of the main service units of the Ministry of Justice based on the Statutory Decree no 367 dated 14.04.1989, after Turkey had made its application for full membership to the European Community on 14 April 1987.

Department for European Community Coordination was founded to ensure coordination on issues under the Ministry of Justice’s area of duty and responsibility along with those regarding the European Community;to assist the Ministry of State responsible for the European Community in its coordination activities;and to take necessary measures for the enforcement of relevant policies introduced by the government.

Adopting a perspective that focuses on full membership to the European Union;regarding that the Ministry of Justice has significant roles to play primarily for the Political Criteria, Justice and Home Affairs and Company Lawas well as for the organization of judicial and administrative units to ensure harmonization with and implementation of the EU acquis; and considering the difficulty of fulfilling the abovementioned duties through a coordination unit only, the Department for European Community Coordination was re-organized and replaced by the Directorate General for European Union Affairs.

With this re-organization in May 2001, the Directorate General was taken beyond a mere strategy making and coordination body, and it assumed substantial responsibilities. In this framework, the Directorate Generalfor European Union Affairs, which was established as per the Law no 4674 dated 22.05.2001, was expanded in terms of its powers and staffing with a view to achieve the goal of full membership to the European Union.


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